Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
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Commonly Asked Questions

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Who attends the Osher Lifelong Learning program?

Program membership is designed for mature adults who have an interest in the lifelong pursuit of knowledge; there are no requirements that involve prior college experience.

Do I have to register or sign up for courses?

Members may attend any program events. Occasionally events require preregistration, which is indicated in the monthly newsletter. For any questions, please contact the Membership office at 800-824-2714.

How much does it cost?

Each location offers membership at a low annual rate or six-month rate. For up-to-date information on prices, view our join OLLI page.

How do I become a member?

It's easy! Just follow the two steps on our Join OLLI page!

Are these regular UO Credit courses or noncredit?

OLLI-UO classes are noncredit.

Can I take regular UO credit courses as a member?

OLLI membership does not grant registration privileges for UO credit courses. The UO main campus does offer a senior audit for adults 65 or older. For more information, please visit the UO Registrar's website.

Can I attend other OLLI-UO sites?

Yes, you are welcome at the other OLLI-UO sites, but you will need your OLLI photo ID card with a current membership sticker. If you need help getting an OLLI photo ID card, please contact the OLLI-UO office at 800-824-2714. Also, it helps to call ahead and let the site know you are planning to come. To view each site's contact information, visit our contact page.

How long is my membership?

Membership is good for one year (12 months). So, if you join in March, your renewal date will be the end of February. However, we also offer a six-month membership option.

How will I know when to renew my membership?

If we do not have your e-mail on file, a renewal form will be mailed to you the month before your membership expires. Otherwise, you will receive an e-mail notice that your membership is about to expire. Membership renewal forms are available to download and renewal instructions are included on the form.

Can guests attend?

Yes, guests are welcome! This is a great way to introduce them to the joys of OLLI membership. Guests should check in at the OLLI membership desk. In addition, Open Houses and events are held throughout the year at all three program sites to provide members of the community with an introduction to the OLLI-UO program.

Where do I park? Get a ride? Take the bus?

Each site has different suggestions for parking and transportation. Please click on the site where you plan to attend to view detailed parking information.