Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
UO Academic Extension

Expand Your Mind with Lifelong Learning

Curriculum, which is member-driven, spans diverse topics such as art, history, science, literature, languages, politics, natural history, writing, music, and philosophy. The OLLI-UO experience celebrates the joy of learning, encouraging academic exploration without the pressures of grades or tests. Learners from all backgrounds and levels of education are welcome to enjoy the benefits of membership.


Offered as series or stand-alone sessions, these dynamic presentations are typically taught by university faculty, community experts, and OLLI-UO members. The lecture format is interactive, allowing for lively discussion.

Short Courses

These courses often cover topics in-depth for six to ten weeks and may encourage additional reading or preparation. Registration may be required as seating is limited. These non-credit courses are typically taught by university faculty, independent scholars, and OLLI-UO members.

Study and Discussion Groups

These groups are designed to be an informal exchange of ideas in a considerate atmosphere. Study groups often incorporate instructional materials such as articles, books, and educational DVDs. Study group topics are well-defined and explored in-depth. Discussion groups are less structured, allowing for free-flowing conversation. Examples of discussion group topics include current events, science, and politics.

Tours and Field Trips

Tours and field trips offer opportunities to explore cultural and community resources, both locally and regionally. Registration is always required to participate, and additional fees may be applied to cover the costs of transportation or admission.

Unless otherwise noted, program events are only open to active OLLI-UO members. Open Houses and events are held throughout the year at all program sites to provide members of the community with an introduction to the OLLI-UO program.