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Central Oregon program announcements will be published on this page each month. Please read to the bottom of the page for all announcements.

President’s Note December 2019

This is my 24th and final President’s Note in the InfoHub, having served as Central Oregon OLLI President for two years. What an honor, pleasure, and journey it has been. Over the four years I have been an OLLI member (and will continue to be until the day I die), I have come to realize that being an OLLI member is helping me to age well. I am so grateful that the University of Oregon is the host for two OLLI sites. It speaks well of the University that they have put a priority on lifelong learning. I realize that I relate more to the University of Oregon now than I do to my alma mater due to what UO is making possible for me in my (hopefully) long retirement years.

I was talking to my doctor recently, told her I want to avoid Alzheimers, and she asked me how I am doing on the socialization front. I said, “no problem, we have an OLLI!” She looked at me and said, “That’s great—I am trying to get my parents to move here, and that will help with my recruitment.”

Now I am looking forward to moving on to lead the Fundraising Subcommittee and to continue working on the committee to find a long-term classroom and office space for OLLI-UO in Central Oregon. OLLI will continue to receive my time and money, and I will receive in return lifelong learning, friend-making, challenges to work on, and laughter with loads of great people. 

All my best to my friends in OLLI-CO, OLLI-ES, and UO CPE staff.

Suzanne Butterfield, Central Oregon Governing Council President

November 6, 2019

The letter below went out to all OLLI-UO in Central Oregon members. The majority of members received this letter in print, sent to their mailing address. Other members who had “no mail” marked in their file in our database received this fundraising letter electronically. Reply cards and return envelopes are available from Heather Inghram.

We have great news as we begin fiscal year 2020 initiatives to meet our OLLI Central Oregon financial goals! One of our members has generously kicked off this year’s fundraising campaign with a $10,000 donation—IF it is matched by at least $15,000 from the rest of OLLI by the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2020. Thank you, Bill T.!

The updated OLLI-UO Financial Sustainability Plan (FSP) is still our guiding document for navigating OLLI’s way to financial independence from UO Continuing and Professional Education Department subsidies. In fiscal year 2019 (ended June 30, 2019), we—along with Eugene-Springfield OLLI—met and exceeded our financial plan goals for the year! Thank you, members and community partners!

We have three financial goals for fiscal year 2020 (July to June):

  1. increase membership by 10%
  2. retain our wonderful current members
  3. raise $25,000 among our members.

I would like to put our OLLI-UO financial situation in simple terms.  University of Oregon Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) Department has a $6 million budget and houses multiple programs. OLLI is one of them. Since inception, OLLI has been subsidized by other programs in the CPE Department. We are lucky to be in that pool of programs. We all know it is the right thing to do, and ensures our future, to stop relying on other programs to fill the gap between annual revenues and expenses for OLLI. The updated OLLI Financial Sustainability Plan extends our original target out by a year, to June 30, 2023 as the date for OLLI to stand on our own financially. Yet we must keep the annual fees modest enough to ensure accessibility and affordability to the largest number of participants in our community.

Here is what we all need to do as OLLI members. (1) Stay engaged, bring a friend, and keep membership growing. (2) Each one of us can write a donation check because showing that a growing number of our membership shares the goals of OLLI is equally important. One member had a great idea: If all of us write a check in the amount of our age, we would have the $15,000 match in the bag!

OLLI-UO in Central Oregon has the most interesting and varied educational non-credit programs and related socialization opportunities, anywhere in Central Oregon. There is no peer. It is our treasure, and we need to do our part to keep it going strong. Please join me in donating generously now so we can take advantage of the wonderful $10,000 pledge on the table from one of our own members. There are two ways to donate:

  1. Obtain a reply card from Heather and fill it out. This allows members to give by check* or credit card.
    *To donate by check, please make it out to UO Foundation and write the Central Oregon fund (6073.12.1) in the memo line so that the donation goes directly to our matching challenge.

  2. Visit our Support OLLI webpage and choose the yellow “Donate Now” button to give with a credit card. Please choose the “Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Central Oregon” as the selected designation to ensure the donation goes towards our matching challenge.

Let’s meet and exceed the FY 2020 goals! Governing Council will keep you updated on our collective progress. Please give generously.


Suzanne Butterfield

OLLI-CO Council President on behalf of Governing Council

Our October 2, 2019 All-Member Meeting Notes

We have compiled some important information from our all-member meeting that took place on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. Meeting notes and visuals are available for download from the OLLI-UO member portal.

To sign into the portal, called “My OLLI-UO,” use the same email address and password that you use to register for classes. If you've never registered for courses online, enter your email address and click on the "Forgot your password?" link.

Upon logging into the My OLLI-UO portal, there will be a grey box to the left-hand side that says “OLLI-UO in Central Oregon Members” with a green underlined sentence: Download your copy of the October 2, 2019 all-member meeting notes. Select that sentence to access the meeting notes and financial charts.

Please give our office a call with any questions. Thank you for taking the time to learn about what's happening with OLLI-UO in Central Oregon.

October 23, 2019

OLLI-UO in Central Oregon Fee Increase

The message below was sent to all Central Oregon members (via email for most and postal mail for those without email access) on August 29, 2019.

Dear OLLI-UO in Central Oregon Members,

Your Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Oregon is a growing, dynamic part of our community in Central Oregon. Over the past year, membership has approached 220 members. About one-third of us actively volunteer as instructors, course managers, or facilitators; others serve on committees (program, membership, etc.) or on the governing council. In addition to members, OLLI-UO reaches hundreds of area residents through public lectures, recruitment events, and outreach to retirement communities. Since its beginning as Silver Sage Society, OLLI-UO remains a member-driven organization with participants shaping their own learning experiences. Our active volunteer work helps to keep our program expenses low, which help keep our participation fees low.

To address our current financial status, presented in detail below, OLLI-UO has instituted a multi-faceted plan to increase revenue sources: boost membership, increase gifts and corporate sponsorships, and raise participation fees. In part, this letter is to inform you that participation fees will rise on November 1, 2019: the annual fee to $180; the six-month fee to $105.

Memberships that expire at the end of October or after cannot be renewed prior to October 16 and be assessed at the old rate. Therefore, anyone whose membership expires at the end of October or after will be assessed at the new rate stated above. If you do not know or remember when your membership expires, you can check the date by logging in to My OLLI-UO (the online portal) or calling or visiting the office. New members joining on or after October 16 will be assessed at the new rate.

To place our participation fees in context, they remained flat for a decade before moving to the current rate of $160 in 2017. Nevertheless, our fees fall short of those in a large majority of the 123 OLLIs nationwide. As the pie chart below indicates, participation fees cover only about one-third of our OLLI-UO total program expenses.

There are three keys to our sustainability: 1) participation fees, 2) gifts and corporate sponsorships, and 3) endowments and grants. Thus, we also have the opportunity to keep OLLI-UO thriving by introducing friends and neighbors to our organization, giving to its fund-raising campaign, and suggesting corporations that might have an interest in sponsoring OLLI-UO events.

Pie chart illustrating fiscal year 2019 revenues.

The pie chart above illustrates the ratio of revenue types as related to total expenses for FY19 and indicates OLLI-UO has made significant improvement toward diversifying our revenue sources though increased gifts, corporate sponsorships, and earned revenue. Such diversification is building momentum toward our multi-year goal of eliminating a subsidy by UO CPE (Continuing and Professional Education). In addition, diversification of revenue sources also means that, for one reasonable fee, you may continue to attend as many OLLI-UO events as you choose, except for an occasional fee for off-site events such as the holiday party or field trips with admission. The following chart provides more information about OLLI-UO’s expenses and revenue sources, based on the current plan for FY20. (Please note the UO fiscal year is July 1–June 30.)

Image of table showing FY20 forecast.

Your participation fee plays an integral role as the key building block supporting the high-quality program we want to sustain, and which you expect and deserve. If you have further questions, please contact any of us through the general OLLI-UO contact information, and we will follow up.

Thanks for all you do as a member of the learning community at OLLI-UO.

The OLLI-UO Central Oregon Governing Council

Sandra Gladney, Executive Director

September 5, 2019

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