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Central Oregon program announcements will be published on this page each month. Please read to the bottom of the page for all announcements.

President’s Note

Welcome to all the new OLLI-UO members! We are at 213 members now, about 35 of whom are new to OLLI in the past nine months. The New Member Welcome in January drew 15 new members, which is one of the most well-attended new member events to date. Speaking of growth, OLLI is now holding class on Fridays in order to accommodate our larger membership.  Our Program Committee continues to bring more interesting speakers to us, with very few time slots left to fill over the next four months.

Each month, I am going to thank one or two OLLI member-volunteers for their vital support of OLLI.  This month, I’d like to recognize Deb Hollens and Roger Aikin.

Deb is behind-the-scenes, volunteering as the Info Hub Editor, providing copy of course descriptions each month, and assisting with our Facebook page. She is asking OLLI members who are on Facebook to “like” the page. (The full name of the page is “Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Oregon.”) The hard copy monthly newsletter has already faded from our memories. Thank you, Deb!

Thanks also go to Roger Aikin, retired art history professor, who is teaching a fascinating live lecture series titled, “Seven Topics in Art History.” Class attendance is high and members are learning and having so much fun, thanks to Roger’s terrific style of teaching. He keeps us surprised and laughing.

We at OLLI are busy each day building our brand of lifelong learning. We have a winning combination of OLLI member creativity and desire to learn, coupled with UO staff professionalism, that culminates in dedication to OLLI-UO by both members and staff. As a result, we have a brand to be proud of.

Please know that OLLI leadership is working diligently on the search for new space in Bend. More information on that topic is outlined below, and we will continue to update our members as options are investigated.

Suzanne Butterfield
Central Oregon Council President

February 19, 2019

OLLI-UO Central Oregon Space Update

The message below was drafted and posted in the classrooms as an in-class announcement on 02/04/19.

The search for our replacement of the Duck Store facility has moved into high gear. We have the full support of our UO senior executives, including the University’s real estate group.

Our search is focused on both admin and office space as well as an anchor/classroom facility.  We are currently looking at local commercial real estate options that may be available for leasing agreements.

Meeting rooms for our ongoing community outreach activities are not part of the real estate search mentioned above. These agreements such as those with Bend Parks and Rec will continue as before.

Our timeline for completion no later than June 2019 remains unchanged. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Steve Hussey, OLLI-UO Central Oregon member and facilities search lead, 02/04/19

*Steve’s email address may be obtained by request by emailing osher@uoregon.edu.*

UO Continues Central Oregon Presence after Duck Store Closure

The linked story above went out as an announcement to a large network of people connected to the University of Oregon. It was sent February 1, 2019.

February 19, 2019

 “UO Guest” Wifi Connection Available Without Password

The wifi username “Duck Store Guest,” to which many of our OLLI-UO members connected, is no longer active. OLLI-UO members are now able to connect to UO Guest without having to self-sponsor an account! To connect to the internet when at the UO Bend Center for OLLI classes, simply do the following:

  1. Ensure that wifi is turned on your device (laptop, cell phone, or tablet).
  2. Choose “UO Guest” from the list of wireless connections.
  3. Wait a moment until the device shows being connected to the signal.
  4. Get onto the Internet using your browser of choice (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox).
  5. Scroll down through the list of terms all the way to the bottom, then click on the “Accept” button.
  6. The device should now be connected to the Internet!

Your device will automatically connect to UO Guest from now on when you enter the UO Bend Center.

February 19, 2019

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