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Central Oregon 2018 Announcements Archive

President’s Note

The start of a new year with OLLI! I am pleased with our new OLLI CO Governing Council. John Dulzo and Barbara Silversmith will bring fresh ideas and energy. Veterans Kathryn Cullen, Deb Hollens, Joyce Pickersgill, and myself will have experience under our belts as we move forward. Officers were elected at the December meeting and are: Suzanne Butterfield, President; Barbara Silversmith, Vice-President; Kathryn Cullen, Secretary; John Dulzo, Treasurer. Steve Hussey, Helen Pruitt, Terry Schwab, or Margie DeLeon will serve as ex-officio members. Thanks, team!

AARP The Magazine for December had an ad that said, “Research shows that social isolation is as bad for health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.” We hear more these days about how nutrition, exercise, AND social connections are all vital to our health. OLLI is such a perfect answer to the social isolation potential in retirement. Now with the introduction of Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) to our wide menu of program offerings and field trips, OLLI is one-stop shopping for social interaction WITH education.

The 2nd annual OLLI-UO Town Hall with UO Vice President Roger Thompson was held in December by videoconference. I found his remarks very supportive of OLLI. I like the term he used, “Friend-raising,” as a way to describe the best approach to OLLI financial sustainability. When friends of the mission of OLLI are made, donations of time, goodwill, and money follow. He was also complimentary of our OLLI member-volunteers, whom we recognized at the Holiday Party, and we thank every day.

Suzanne Butterfield
OLLI Central Oregon President

December 20, 2018

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) Coming This Month!

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) are a great way for OLLI-UO Central Oregon members to continue lifelong learning beyond the classroom! These groups provide new opportunities to form friendships with other members around shared interests. They are independent and self-directed, with members deciding where and when to meet and how the group will function.

As an OLLI member, you may be interested in forming a SIG that meets for a weekly lunch, plays pickleball, shares gardening tips, enjoys nature walks or foreign movies. Other examples: Genealogy, Conversational Spanish, Archeology, Day Hikes, Science-Fiction Movies, Beginning Bridge, Photography, Plant-based Living, Culinary Adventures . . . and more.

Choose here for more information about SIGs. We will be providing more information, as our goal is to launch our Shared Interest Groups this month!

December 20, 2018

Thank You to Our 2018 Volunteers!

We want to extend a huge THANK YOU to our OLLI-UO Central Oregon member-volunteers! As a token of our appreciation, we adhered stickers to members’ name badges and recognized them publicly at our Annual Holiday Potluck on December 14, 2018. We realize not all of our members were able to attend the party and would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our volunteers again. Thank you to the following members, who served as committee members (on Governing Council, hospitality, membership, and program), coordinators, presenters, facilitators, and/or office assistants. We are also grateful to our many greeters who helped check in and welcome members during our most heavily-attended classes! (There are so many greeters that we are not listing them all here.)

Pat Ackley
Roger Aikin
Dottie Blalock
Jim Brown
Suzanne Butterfield
Bonnie Campbell
Linda Charny
Rod Charny
David Costello
Barbara Crislip
Kathryn Cullen
Sharon Dawn
Margie deLeon
Alexa Dellinger
John Dulzo
Elisabeth Farwell
Georganna Frater
Norm Frater
Fred Gientke
Michael Graham
Michal Haller
Carolyn Hammond
Jim Hammond
Bob Harrison
Don Hartsough
Deb Hollens
Leslie Hopper
Russ Hopper
Judy Hurlburt
Linda Hurley
Steve Hussey
Joe Jezukewicz
Barbara Jordan
Craig Jorgensen
Leslie Koc
Josie Lancaster
Sara Langton
Thom Larson
Dick Linford
Susie Linford
Burt Litman
Maggi Machala
Tom Machala
Max Merrill
Harlie Peterson
Joyce Pickersgill
Larry Price
Helen Pruitt
Robb Reavill
Linda Redeker
John Rhetts
Robin Robinson
Marty Rose
Terry Schwab
Bruce Sharp
Gerry Sharp
Barbara Silversmith
Lewis Sperber
Joe Stevens
Fred Tanis
Larry Weinberg
Gary Whiteaker

Our wonderful organization would not be what it is without your participation! Thank you!

December 20, 2018

President’s Note

December is upon us again, and it will be a busy and short OLLI-UO month. Please mark your calendars and plan to come to the following events:

Not to mention three weeks of jam-packed OLLI programs!

So much has been discovered this first year of implementation of our OLLI-UO Financial Sustainability Plan. We are learning how to attract many more members, form partnerships with other higher-education organizations in Central Oregon who also want to reach our demographic, develop a culture of philanthropy among our members, and form strong working relationships with OLLI-UO in Eugene/Springfield and with UO Continuing and Professional Education staff.

I attended a Central Oregon Community College continuing education class on nutrition and health today. The presenter said something that I scribbled down, to this effect: 200 years ago, people weren’t living nearly as long as we are today. We know that, but she added a fresh perspective for me— “We can look upon age 50 to 90 as a ‘second life’ when compared to our ancestors.” We want to live this “second life” as well as we can—making good decisions about our health and giving back to the world. OLLI-UO is our organization to make this second life a real joy.

Suzanne Butterfield
OLLI Central Oregon President

December 2018

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) Coming Soon!

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) are a great way for OLLI-UO Central Oregon members to continue lifelong learning beyond the classroom! These groups provide new opportunities to form friendships with other members around shared interests. They are independent and self-directed, with members deciding where and when to meet and how the group will function.

As an OLLI member, you may be interested in forming a SIG that meets for a weekly lunch, plays pickleball, shares gardening tips, enjoys nature walks or foreign movies. Other examples: Genealogy, Conversational Spanish, Archeology, Day Hikes, Science Fiction Movies, Beginning Bridge, Photography, Plant-based Living, Culinary Adventures . . . and more.

Choose here for more information about SIGs. We will be providing more information, as our goal is to launch our Shared Interest Groups in January 2019!

December 2018

President’s Note

Fall is here. OLLI-UO Central Oregon Council elections will be held this month, with the new Council members taking their seats in December (please see details outlined below). OLLI-UO Eugene-Springfield held their Council elections and installed their officers in September.

Both sites, along with UO Continuing and Professional Education, are working hard together on implementing the OLLI UO Financial Sustainability Plan goal to become financially self-sustaining by June 30, 2022. Tens of thousands of dollars have been raised to date, and about 50 new members signed up in Central Oregon and Eugene. I am impressed with the high-level staff assistance UO is giving the OLLI-UO program to meet our goals. I am also impressed with the dedication of all of our volunteer members. Thank you.

This month, you will receive an email asking for a donation to OLLI-UO. The fundraising drive we undertook this summer had a participation rate of 20% of the Central Oregon members. We need to increase this percentage significantly to show current and potential funders that our members care about the financial sustainability of this organization. It does not matter how much you individually contribute, just that a majority of OLLI members have donated.  Please respond when you receive the email request.

Also, November marks the first month that there is no printed monthly newsletter, The Oregon Sage. The OLLI-UO Information Hub is fully operational now. It has been thoughtfully created by staff and member-volunteers to make it easy to use and to staff and volunteer time. This in turn, saves our organization money. Please support OLLI-UO in any way you can.

Suzanne Butterfield, Central Oregon Governing Council President

November 2018

OLLI-UO Central Oregon Governing Council Elections

In November, all members will receive ballots to vote on our 2019 Governing Council. Members who have access to email will be sent an electronic version, while paper ballots will be sent to those without access to email. Current Council members Pat Ackley and Steve Hussey leave office at the end of the year. Kathryn Cullen, Deb Hollens, and Joyce Pickersgill have a year remaining in their elected terms. Suzanne Butterfield has expressed interest in serving a second term. We will have two or three members running as new additions to the Council. Those names will be announced on the ballots, along with a short bio about each person.

Election Timeline: Electronic balloting for the Council elections will be conducted between November 14 and November 30, with the results announced at the Holiday Party on December 14. Questions about the election process may be directed to OLLI-UO Program staff at osher@uoregon.edu. Please watch your email or mailbox for the ballots. Happy Voting!

November 2018

October 2018 Issue Marks Final Edition of The Oregon Sage

This month marks the final edition of the OLLI-UO monthly newsletter, The Oregon Sage. From this point forward, all OLLI-UO content for both the Central Oregon and Eugene-Springfield program sites will be published exclusively at osher.uoregon.edu. Each site will have its own Information Hub, where we are able to post more complete course and activity descriptions, link to registration pages, and provide news and updates.

The transition from print was proposed and endorsed by both Councils. The design and enhanced content of the Information Hubs was developed collaboratively by member teams and OLLI-UO program staff.

Complete descriptions of OLLI-UO programming (like those you are familiar with in the printed newsletter) will be posted on a monthly basis and available before the start of the month. Updates to descriptions will be posted mid-month. Part of this changeover includes phasing out the weekly e-minder (sent on Fridays). Short e-mails will go out to members when the Information Hub is updated or to announce an important schedule change or update.

To assist with the new communication method, a computer displaying the Hub will be made available for walk-up/drop-in use at both program sites. This workstation will be staffed by an OLLI-UO member-volunteer during the most-heavily attended classes. For those who would still like to hold a schedule in their hands, a one-page printout containing a program calendar and event highlights will be available at the registration/name badge areas of both sites.

As with any new service, we will focus on continuing to improve user experience in the coming months. If you have suggestions about the site or any feedback you care to share, please email program staff at osher@uoregon.edu. We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during the transition!

Thank you,

Heather Inghram
Program Manager, OLLI-UO Central Oregon

Todd Gauthier
Program Manager, OLLI-UO Eugene/Springfield

October 2018

President’s Note

HELP WANTED: Looking to add a few dedicated OLLI-UO Central Oregon members to join our leadership team for the 2019-2021 term. Want to be involved with a collegial team of volunteer leaders? Bring your experience, ideas, and enthusiasm to the Governing Council and be part of the process that helps OLLI-UO Central Oregon move forward. There is no experience required to serve on Council, but we ask that nominees possess a love of OLLI-UO and provide thoughtful decision-making on behalf of our members. The Governing Council meets monthly for two hours, participates in strategic planning efforts, and collaborates to help OLLI-UO move forward.

Over the next several weeks, the Council will serve as a nominating committee to recruit three to four candidates interested in helping to lead our program site over the next two years, a pivotal point for our OLLI-UO program as we tackle our ambitious Financial Sustainability Plan targets. Current Council members Pat Ackley and Steve Hussey leave office at the end of the year. Kathryn Cullen, Deb Hollens, and Joyce Pickersgill have a year remaining in their elected terms. Suzanne Butterfield has expressed interest in serving a second term.

Curious? Please join us for an informal Candidates’ Forum on Wednesday, October 17, 12:15 p.m. at the UO Bend Center. We’ll explain duties and answer your questions. Can’t make the meeting? Please contact a Council member for a one-on-one discussion.

Election Timeline: Nominations will be accepted through October 19. Members may nominate themselves or another member. Electronic balloting for the Council elections will be conducted between November 14 and November 30, with the results announced at the Holiday Party on December 14. Paper ballots will be sent to members who do not have access to email. We look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to contact me.

Suzanne Butterfield, Central Oregon Council President

October 2018

President’s Note

One of our long-time members said something to me the other day that was meaningful to me—she said some OLLI volunteers work on the OLLI infrastructure, and some work on programs. She succinctly stated the two levers that keep OLLI moving forward. My job is OLLI-UO infrastructure-focused.

I would like to give you an update on how our Financial Sustainability Plan implementation is coming along. Both Central Oregon (CO) and Eugene-Springfield (E/S) OLLIs are making strides in membership growth and fundraising. CO has added 22 new members as of this writing (August 2), and we have raised $13,450 from 35 members. Very good job so far! Eugene-Springfield is also doing well. Governing Council will be discussing targets and progress over the coming weeks and seeking your input. Classroom space issues for the future are also being worked on.

On another topic, you may know as a cost saving measure we are working towards phasing out the printed OLLI newsletter and transitioning to an “online information hub”. I have seen an early version. It is terrific and easy to navigate. Information about how to use this online hub will be given out to the members soon. In the meantime, the print newsletter will still be mailed to your home at least through October.

As long as I live in Central Oregon, I will be a member of OLLI. That brought home to me how important our work is now to make sure there is an OLLI here for the foreseeable future. As we all know from our life experiences, nothing good should be taken for granted.

Suzanne Butterfield, Central Oregon Council President

September 2018

President's Note

This month, you have received a letter from me and my counterpart in Eugene, asking you to donate to OLLI-UO. Donations from members are one of our Financial Sustainability Plan actions. I would like to give you my story.

Confession: Up until now, I have not given much money to OLLI. I rationalized that my annual dues were enough, even knowing what a tremendous bargain OLLI is. I was not motivated to give more money when there wasn’t a written plan on how it would be spent. But that was then and this is now.

In reflecting on what a great deal our $160-per-year membership dues are for year-round education and socialization, I think about the cost of individual fitness classes through our local Parks and Rec district, another activity I greatly value. Those classes cost about $5 each or $520 a year if one buys the senior quarterly fitness pass. By contrast, if a person went to just two OLLI events a week, the cost pencils about to about $1.50 per class. COCC Extension classes are quite expensive as compared to OLLI.

This year, knowing that OLLI-UO needs the money and has done the due diligence of writing and committing to a Financial Sustainability Plan, I have given much more. I am going to figure in to my household budget an annual giving amount to OLLI that I can sustain and feel good about. If you are able, I urge you to do likewise. Thank you.

Suzanne Butterfield, Central Oregon Council President

July 2018

President's Note

I am happy to report that the May 4 annual joint leadership summit between the Eugene/Springfield and Central Oregon Councils, along with administrative staff from UO Continuing and Professional Education (formerly Academic Extension), was a resounding success. I say this because most importantly, good relationships were forged, and a common understanding of our single OLLI-UO financial challenge was understood and embraced. We are united in our goal and methods to become financially independent from UO financial subsidies within four years. We created two cross-site teams to carry out the OLLI-UO Financial Sustainability Plan (“Plan”), with a chairperson and members for fundraising and membership growth. These two teams will report to the Plan Team of Sandra Gladney (Executive Director of Continuing and Professional Education), Susan Walcott (E/S Council President), and myself (CO Council President).

Now we need to communicate further the goal, the reasons behind it, and the methods to achieve the goal, to you, the OLLI-UO members. We will also listen to you for your wise feedback and ideas we had not thought of in crafting the Plan. A Eugene/Springfield council member said something that made an impression on me. He made the point that what we are doing by reaching for financial sustainability is ensuring that OLLI-UO will be here for the people who come after us, not just for us here and now. It is empowering to understand that. We have succeeded in not being trapped by silo thinking, and it is exciting to see what Eugene/Springfield and Central Oregon members, along with OLLI-UO program staff, can do when we pull together. I am grateful to the member volunteers who work to bring us outstanding programs while some others of us are working on organizational issues.

Suzanne Butterfield, Central Oregon Council President

June 2018

President's Note

New program offerings and new members bring a continuous breath of spring to OLLI and keep this an interesting organization. Long-time members have a deep appreciation of the enrichment OLLI programs and people have brought to their lives. I like our structure of program tracks such as history, science, art, and our book clubs and writers’ group. I like that we have socials throughout the year and field trips to keep us a cohesive social unit, which helps with member retention. I am proud of our well-organized committees and governing council and staff who keep us moving ahead in an orderly manner. What a great organization!

Some change is coming to ensure OLLI-UO is here for the foreseeable future. I know we are up to the challenge of change. OLLI members are smart, experienced people who appreciate the value of long-term planning. Out of necessity, for the first time OLLI-UO has recently completed a Financial Sustainability Plan. In short, the plan calls for a combined, coordinated Academic Extension, Eugene-Springfield, and Central Oregon leadership effort to rely less on departmental funds to support OLLI-UO. You will hear all about the details soon. I ask of the OLLI membership to get engaged with it and give feedback. Each one of us has a role to play to help our organization thrive while we are enjoying all that OLLI has to offer. There is nothing else like OLLI anywhere in Central Oregon, and we are the ones to nurture it.

Suzanne Butterfield, Central Oregon Council President

May 2018

President's Note

It is springtime (daffodils and milder weather or am I dreaming?) and a time for new beginnings.

The new beginning for me is the three-way working relationship I have recently been privileged to be part of, which includes the Eugene/Springfield Council President, Susan Walcott, and the Director of UO Academic Extension, Sandra Gladney. The three of us are a team working on an OLLI-UO Financial Sustainability Plan (which, as of this writing, is almost complete). When ready, the plan will be distributed and communicated to the membership. Your feedback will always be asked for and incorporated as the plan is implemented over time.

This plan-writing task has made me realize that the three organizations are bound together. We need to help each other be successful so that OLLI-UO has a secure financial future. We are planning for more videoconferences between staff and OLLI volunteers on both sides of the mountain to learn from each other and plan some joint activities.

While it is a bit too early to talk about details of the sustainability plan, it is a given that both OLLI-UO sites must increase their membership significantly to help the financial bottom line. But I promise you that we will work on this objective with the members' best interest always at heart. We all want to attend an OLLI program, or do our bit as an OLLI volunteer and be able to say, "I am so glad I did that today!"

Suzanne Butterfield, Central Oregon Council President

April 2018

President's Note

Dear OLLI members,

We are off and running with a busy new year for OLLI. I plan to use the monthly newsletter President’s Note to update CO membership on your Governing Council’s current issues and priorities.

So far this year we have: approved a CO 18-month planning horizon Sustainability Plan; advocated for half time staffing in the office; participated in a Town Hall video conference with UO Vice President Roger Thompson; held an All CO Member meeting in February; focused on understanding OLLI financial structure; begun 2018 coordination with UO Academic Extension (our OLLI-UO home) and the OLLI Eugene/Springfield Council. A little about these topics follows.

The 18-month (now through July 1, 2019) Central Oregon Sustainability Plan focuses on: actively increasing membership; the dues increase to $160 a year that has already happened; securing all day Thursday classroom space (done) and other spaces for large class offerings; half time staffing in the office; and fund raising.

UO Vice-President Roger Thompson expressed his strong support for OLLI-UO and encouraged us to work on becoming financially sustainable. At Central Oregon Council’s urging, he agreed the CO and ES sites and Academic Extension will create, by the end of March, a joint multi-year plan to reduce the current approximate $150,000 annual operating deficit.

I am grateful for the solid CO Council, the Eugene coordination, the dedicated staff, and enthusiastic OLLI-UO members. Our hard work has just begun.

Suzanne Butterfield, Central Oregon Council President

March 2018

Programming Note

The Central Oregon site will be on spring break, March 26–30. Programming will resume Monday, April 2. The Academic Extension office will be open 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., weekdays during spring break. Please contact us by phone: 800-824-2714 or by email: osher@uoregon.edu

March 2018

President's Note

This month's Editor’s Note is dedicated to that exciting word "governance"–in this case, OLLI-UO Central Oregon governance. At the December 20 meeting of your Governing Council, officers were elected for 2018.

Your officers are as follows:

Suzanne Butterfield, President; Pat Ackley, Vice-President; Joyce Pickersgill, Treasurer; Kathryn Cullen, Recording Secretary. The full Governing Council includes the above officers, and members Steve Hussey, Deb Hollens, and Linda Redeker. Committee Chairs Helen Pruitt and Terry Schwab are ex-officio members Kathryn Cullen will become the new Newsletter Editor, taking over for me.

Your 2018 Committee Chairs are:

Linda Redeker, Membership; Terry Schwab, Hospitality; Helen Pruitt, Program.

Thank you to those who serve on these committees.

Any OLLI-UO member may attend and listen in on the Governing Council and Committee meetings. You may even chime in! In fact, this is highly encouraged, as it gives one an excellent understanding of what it takes to govern our site. The more understanding, the better we will be able to govern ourselves in the directions the members want Inclusivity, friendship, volunteering is what OLLI is about, in addition to great programs! Governing Council meets the third Wednesday of the month at 1:00 p.m. and Program Committee meets the fourth Monday of the month at 12:30 p.m., both at UO Bend Center.

Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 21, at 11:45 a.m. for an All-Member Meeting at UO Bend Center. This will also be a good way to get in the know and participate.

Suzanne Butterfield, Central Oregon Council President

February 2018

President's Note

The start of a new year calls for looking ahead, and we will be doing that. But first, it is important to thank all the people who have gotten OLLI-CO to January 2018 in good stead.

Steve Hussey has been President of OLLI-UO Central Oregon for two years He has been a strong, but modest and inclusive leader, with a laser-like focus on the future. He is the kind of person you are glad to know. On behalf of all of OLLI-CO if I may, we sincerely thank you, Steve, for your leadership. Steve remains on the Governing Council in 2018 to help guide the ship.

Thanks to the members of the Governing Council in 2017 who were Steve, Pat Ackley, Jim Hammond, Jeff Nelson, Joyce Pickersgill, Richard Jenkins, Linda Redeker, Helen Pruitt (and myself) The results of the election are in and 2018’s Governing Council are new members Kathryn Cullen and Deb Hollens, who are joining Steve, Pat, Linda, Joyce, Helen, and myself.

OLLI members who volunteered in 2017 in addition to those mentioned above are (and we apologize sincerely for missing anyone!):

Jan Amling, Dottie Blalock, Bonnie Campbell, Linda and Rod Charny, Bonnie Corley, David Costello, Sharon Dawn, Rosemary Eilers, Michelle Erickson, Elisabeth Farwell, Jeanne Freeman, Michael Graham, Susan Groszkewicz, Carolyn Hammond, Bob Harrison, Don Hartsough, Russel Hopper, Linda Howey, Joe Jezukiewicz, Barbara Jordan, Craig Jorgensen, Jim Keski, Leslie Koc, Jim and Sara Langton, Thom Larson, Dick Linford, Burt Litman, Maggi Machala, Jackie Medill, Max Merrill, Norma Montgomery, Harlie Peterson, Joyce Pickersgill, Robb Reavill, John Rhetts, Marty Rose, Terry Schwab, Bruce Sharp, Marcia Stone, Bill Sugnet, Fred Tanis, Don Trask, Larry Weinberg, and Gary Whiteaker.

Thanks, everyone! You all help make this organization succeed!

Suzanne Butterfield, Central Oregon Newsletter Editor

January 2018