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Eugene/Springfield program announcements will be published on this page each month. Please read to the bottom of the page for all announcements.

October 2018

October 2018 Issue Marks Final Edition of The Oregon Sage

This month marks the final edition of the OLLI-UO monthly newsletter, The Oregon Sage. From this point forward, all OLLI-UO content for both the Central Oregon and Eugene-Springfield program sites will be published exclusively at osher.uoregon.edu. Each site will have its own Information Hub, where we are able to post more complete course and activity descriptions, link to registration pages, and provide news and updates.

The transition from print was proposed and endorsed by both Councils. The design and enhanced content of the Information Hubs was developed collaboratively by member teams and OLLI-UO program staff.

Complete descriptions of OLLI-UO programming (like those you are familiar with in the printed newsletter) will be posted on a monthly basis and available before the start of the month. Updates to descriptions will be posted mid-month. Part of this changeover includes phasing out the weekly e-minder (sent on Fridays). Short e-mails will go out to members when the Information Hub is updated or to announce an important schedule change or update.

To assist with the new communication method, a computer displaying the Hub will be made available for walk-up/drop-in use at both program sites. This workstation will be staffed by an OLLI-UO member-volunteer during the most-heavily attended classes. For those who would still like to hold a schedule in their hands, a one-page printout containing a program calendar and event highlights will be available at the registration/name badge areas of both sites.

As with any new service, we will focus on continuing to improve user experience in the coming months. If you have suggestions about the site or any feedback you care to share, please email program staff at osher@uoregon.edu. We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during the transition!

Thank you,

Heather Inghram
Program Manager, OLLI-UO Central Oregon

Todd Gauthier
Program Manager, OLLI-UO Eugene/Springfield

President’s Note

The Annual General Meeting will have taken place by the time you read this in the last printed Oregon Sage newsletter, as we transition to the online Information Hub. I’m writing this in late August, so here’s a “tea leaves” projection of what was presented:

  • The membership committee reported an uptick due in part to publicity but mostly friends telling friends to try us out. Retention is up, with more welcoming of new members in discussion groups, lectures and events like receptions at the Downtown Athletic Club, Shared Interest Groups, Dining with Friends.
  • Fundraising presented an appeal for universal participation in contributions of any size to demonstrate to the Osher Foundation and UO that we care about the sustainability of our organization.
  • OLLI-UO’s general financial picture shows increased clarity and leadership participation at many levels.
  • Leadership welcomes new faces as some Council members complete terms, mixing experience with new ideas and energy. At the program staff level, we welcome Sandra and Todd to executive positions in OLLI-UO and look forward to working with them as team members too.

Speaking of ‘participation’ opportunities in our all-volunteer organization, thank you for contributing to the 25th Anniversary Anthology of writing and art that has been compiled and produced by Livvie Taylor-Young and her committee. This eagerly anticipated publication will debut at our annual end-of-year gathering in mid-December, our next big all-member event.

Keep an eye out for the next round of open-to-the-public Oregon Humanities Conversation Project events and the new OLLI-UO-sponsored Insight Seminar lectures.

Have an idea for a program item, a field trip, an interest group, a topic you’d like to see covered and/or discussed, or someone who would be good to teach or lead or join us? Let us know, and we’ll look into it. Whether it’s your twenty-fifth or first year with OLLI-UO in Eugene-Springfield, there is always room to grow.

Susan Walcott, Eugene/Springfield Council President

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