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Eugene/Springfield Announcements

Eugene/Springfield program announcements will be published on this page each month. Please read to the bottom of the page for all announcements.

President’s Note June 2019

Spring is sprung, with high spirits from the newly dominant sunny weather ebullient tailwinds from our fantastic Silver Anniversary Gala. Costs were kept low (but quality high!) with donations and volunteer services, leading to a sold-out attendance. Why not share the fun with other friends–invite someone(s) to a program or give them a “Share the Love” free for a month card available in the CPE Office.

Summer is a-comin’ in, with its travel and relaxation time. Shared Interest Groups are going strong, but a new Coordinator is needed to keep the organization coherent–volunteer? Great work done by a “founding father” who wants to pass the baton. Yes, OLLI-UO is a member-driven organization, so consider what you might want to recommend, start, attend, and/or supervise of our operations.

Just finished a fantastic month with “Beowulf” thanks to Insight Seminars (a sibling program to OLLI-UO) leader and Beowulf Sage Jim Earl. Terrific way to spend a month of Saturday mornings, if not at Saturday Market. In-between publishing one book and finishing final chapters of another (on home-grown tea, with former NC colleague) yours truly joined many of you with a dip into ancestry.com family trees (what a forest!) and DNA discoveries. Lifelong Learning indeed. So, to paraphrase PNW’s own travel fanatic Rick Steves: “Keep Travelin’ and attending OLLI-UO!”

Susan Walcott, Eugene/Springfield Council President

May 16, 2019

President’s Note May 2019

“Program, Program, Program” for OLLI-UO is like the “what is important in real estate” answer (“location . . .”). As a member of a volunteer organization, you can propose a speaker or volunteer to present a program at any time. Your Program Committee is always looking for suggestions! The form “Teach for OLLI-UO” is on our webpage, indicating what needs to be filled out so the Program Committee can consider it at their monthly meeting. Those ordinary-looking folks next to you at a lecture or discussion group probably had an amazing career – talk with them and see what we can learn from each other. Presentations come in the form of a single talk, or a whole series.

If you attend a lecture presentation at the University of Oregon and find the speaker and topic fascinating, consider introducing yourself as an OLLI-UO member and see if the presenter might be willing to do the talk for us as a whole. We’ve had many fascinating programs that way – or a neighbor of yours who had experiences that they are willing to share as an educational learning experience. Program Committee would like to hear about any of these possibilities.

Topics you’d like to have us cover, or series such as “Great Decisions” you’d like to see offered, are also items we’d like to hear from you about. You don’t have to serve on a particular committee to have an impact – just write ideas down and drop in the Program box, or leave a suggestion online, or speak to someone with a “Program” card in their nametag.

As the Chinese sage purportedly said: “Let a hundred flowers bloom . . .” so cultivate new ideas blossoming this Spring.

Susan Walcott, Eugene/Springfield Council President

April 25, 2019

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