University of Oregon

Pre-Check to Joining a Zoom Class or Meeting

There are a couple of things you should do before every meeting to ensure a better experience while using Zoom. If you are a first-time user, there are a couple of additional items you may want to try further down.

First Time Users

As a first-time user, you will want to download the free desktop or mobile client for Zoom. This can be done either from the website or the app store associated with your mobile device. Once downloaded and installed you will not need to do so again, though you will want to ensure it is updated.

Equipment Check:

Before joining a class or meeting, verify your equipment is working as expected by checking the following:

  1. Verify your Network Connection
  2. Verify your device is fully charged. Ideally make sure its plugged in.
  3. Verify that there are no updates that may want to run during the session
  4. Regularly run your Anti-Virus to help protect your device
  5. Verify your audio and video connections.
    1. You can test them by going to Zoom | Preferences and selecting the Video and/or Audio tabs on the left. Note, if you have multiple audio and video devices, you can also select which one you will use.
    2. If you're using headphones and a microphone, verify that they are connected and working.
    3. Headphones and Microphones can improve the audio quality for many users and help to eliminate any echo sound that sometimes occurs.
  6. Make sure your installation of Zoom is up-to-date
  7. Do a test meeting first at:
  8. Join early. Its recommended you be ready to join 5-10 minutes before the event begins. When doing so, make sure your microphone is muted.

Environment Check:

Before joining a class or meeting, verify your environment (digital and physical) is appropriate.

  1. Make sure the space you are in is quiet
  2. Verify that lighting is appropriate to allow yourself to be seen clearly.
  3. Tidy your physical and digital space.
    1. Digital: If you share a screen, you don’t want to accidentally share something unintentionally.
    2. Physical: A cluttered or busy background can be disruptive to other participants or the host.