University of Oregon

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Continuing and Professional Education

Member Leadership

To obtain contact information for your respective member-leaders, please download a site-specific member directory from the My OLLI-UO portal. Contact OLLI-UO staff for additional information or further assistance.

OLLI-UO Central Oregon


Kathryn Cullen, President

Elizabeth Polidan, Vice-President

Tom Carroll, Finance Officer

Kay DuBois, Secretary

Suzanne Butterfield

Deb Hollens

Judy Hurlburt

Linda Hurley

Helen Pruitt

Keith Sime

Marilyn Stinnett

Committee Chairs

Suzanne Butterfield, Fundraising Chair

Elizabeth Polidan, Membership Committee Chair

Helen Pruitt, Program Committee Chair

Elizabeth Polidan, Volunteer Coordinator

Vacant, Hospitality Chair

Information Hub Editor

Deb Hollens

OLLI-UO Eugene/Springfield


Stephen Koller, President

Kate Nelson, Vice-President

Larry Kikuta, Finance Officer

Dunny Sorensen, Secretary

Marilyn Callahan

Judy Johnston

George Kaufman

Kay Kelsey

Gayle Semrad

David Suchman

Susan Walcott

Margot Zallen

Committee Chairs

George Kaufman and Jim Ruderman, Co-Chairs, Fundraising Team

Vacant, Chair, Membership and Awards Committee

Roger Galka, Chair, Program Committee