University of Oregon

Member Leadership

To obtain contact information for your respective member-leaders, please download a site-specific member directory from the My OLLI-UO portal. Contact OLLI-UO staff for additional information or further assistance.

OLLI-UO Central Oregon


Maggi Machala, President

Wendy Chase, Vice President

Tom Petullo, Finance Officer

Sharon Dawn, Secretary/Scribe

Fred McCarl

Committee Chairs

Helen Pruitt, Program

Wendy Chase, Hospitality

Program Catalog Editor

Deb Hollens

OLLI-UO Eugene/Springfield


Susan Walcott, President

Jim Ruderman, Vice President

Marilyn Callahan

Bob Fraley

David Kolb

Catherine Koller

Gordon Nagai

Marc Rogge

Betty Wood

Margot Zallen

Stephen Koller, Secretary (ex officio)

Committee Chairs

Hannelore Burnstein, Membership

Stephen Koller, Program

Kate Nelson, Community Outreach

Jim Ruderman, Fundraising

Program Catalog Editor

Judy Johnston

Volunteer Coordinator

Marilyn Callahan

OLLI-UO Portland/Northwest Oregon

Steven Browning, Volunteer

Liz Halley, Volunteer