Continuing and Professional Education

Member Leadership

To obtain contact information for your respective member-leaders, please download a site-specific member directory from the My OLLI-UO portal. Contact OLLI-UO staff for additional information or further assistance.

OLLI-UO Central Oregon


Kathryn Cullen, President

Elizabeth Polidan, Vice-President

John Dulzo, Treasurer

Tom Carroll, Secretary

Suzanne Butterfield

Deb Hollens

Judy Hurlburt

Margie de Leon

Helen Pruitt

Keith Sime

Committee Chairs

(To be updated January 2020)

Helen Pruitt, Program Committee Chair

Margie de Leon, Hospitality Committee Chair

Elizabeth Polidan, Membership Committee Chair

Elizabeth Polidan, Volunteer Coordinator

Information Hub Editor

Deb Hollens

OLLI-UO Eugene/Springfield


Stephen Koller, President

Kate Nelson, Vice-President

Larry Kikuta, Financial Officer

Dunny Sorensen, Recording Secretary

Jeff Houck

Judy Johnston

George Kaufman

Kay Kelsey

Tagi Sagafi-Nejad

Gayle Semrad

Susan Walcott

Committee Chairs

Julie Jessal, Chair, Membership and Awards Committee

Roger Galka, Chair, Program Committee

Vacant, Chair, Shared Interest Group Committee

Information Hub Editor

Judy Johnston

Financial Sustainability Plan Leadership Team

Sandra Gladney, Chair FY 19-20, Continuing and Professional Education Director

Suzanne Butterfield (Central Oregon)

Stephen Koller (Eugene/Springfield)

Susan Walcott (Eugene/Springfield)

Fundraising Subteam

Suzanne Butterfield, Chair

Jim Ruderman, (Eugene/Springfield)

George Kaufman, (Eugene/Springfield)

Stephen Koller (Eugene/Springfield)

Pam McClure-Johnston (Eugene/Springfield)

Susan Walcott (Eugene/Springfield)

Bonnie Campbell (Central Oregon)

Deb Hollens (Central Oregon)

Maggie Machala (Central Oregon)

Elizabeth Polidan (Central Oregon)

Dunny Sorensen (Eugene/Springfield)

Sandra Gladney, Continuing and Professional Education Director

Laura Abbott, CPE Executive Assistant

Membership Growth Subteam

Julie Jessal, Chair (Eugene/Springfield)

Elizabeth Polidan (Central Oregon)

Todd Gauthier, Continuing and Professional Education Program Manager

Heather Inghram, Continuing and Professional Education Program Manager