Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
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Campaign for OLLI

Why Donate?

Your donation will help OLLI reach the following goals:

  • Meet current expenses not covered by OLLI membership fees
  • Increase OLLI's educational programs
  • Provide membership assistance toward annual fees
  • Increase the OLLI endowment fund to improve OLLI's financial future
  • Assure adequate staffing, space, equipment, and publicity for programming
  • Increase OLLI volunteerism and community presence

Give the Gift of Learning

There are ways you can creatively support your OLLI program:

  • Make an Annual Gift
  • Give a Memorial Gift to honor a family member or friend
  • Create an Endowed Gift in your name (or a loved one's name) that will last a lifetime
  • Involve your clubs and service organizations to assist the program
  • Consider an Estate Gift (a bequest, charitable trust, gift annuity, pension plan, IRA, or real estate)
  • Purchase a gift membership for someone special

How Do I Donate?

Download and complete our printable gift form or call the OLLI-UO office at 800-824-2714 to request a form.

Thank You to all Campaign for OLLI Donors

Do you know that the Campaign for OLLI is in its third and final year? We have raised almost $60,000 in outright gifts and bequests toward our ultimate goal of $100,000. Campaign contributions have helped create a fund to assist members in need in paying their OLLI fees, contributed to the new audio-visual systems, and helped balance our operating budgets while growing the OLLI-UO and OLLI in Eugene-Springfield endowments.

Of our OLLI-ES members, 57% have contributed. To ensure OLLI-UO’s continuing financial strength, please give today to reach our goals of $100,000 and 100% member participation!

To make your tax-deductible contribution, visit the OLLI-UO office or our website: http://osher.uoregon.edu/support.php

Pamela McClure-Johnston, Campaign for OLLI, Co-Chair

Paul Holbo, UO Vice Provost, Emeritus, Campaign for OLLI, Co-Chair

OLLI Donors

Carolyn Abbott

Charles Adams

Richard Adler

Patricia Adlum

Miriam Aiken

Lucille Allsen

Flo Alvergue

Howard Anderson

John Attig

Phoebe Atwood

Richard Bach

Robert Baechtold

Arvilla Ballard

Chandler Barkelew

Virginia Barkelew

Phyllis Barkhurst

Sharon Barnard

Mary Battin

A. Carmen Bayley

Jack W. Bennett

Cathy Beyer

Keith Beyer

Patricia Bitner

Roland G. Bomstad

Deborah Broeker

Mary Brooner

Helene C Brown

Warren Brown

Andrew Brtis

Margaret Byrne

Delpha J. Camp

Jane Capron

Ken Capron

Jean Carley

Barbara Carter

Gary Carter

Judy Carter

Christie Chell

Carole Chenkin

Joyce Churchill

Jim Clarkson

Melody Clarkson

Jean Coberly

Leatrice Coleman

Stanton Cook

Marie Crawford

Gus Daum

Walter W. Davis

William Davis

Elizabeth Deshetler

Neelkanth G. Dhere

Joan Dickey

Larry Dunlap

Katherine Eaton

Dana Edwards

Marian Ehlers

Barbara Hansen Epplett

Esther Erford

Susi Ettinger

John Farwell

Hermina Fink

Charlotte Fitch

Walter Frank

Barbara Friend

Bonnie Fromhold

Margaret Gabriel

Beate Galda

Klaus Galda

William Gelineau

Verda Giustina

Thelma Greenfield

Carol Hain

Earl Hain

John Hannah

Phyllis Hawk

J. Richard Heinzkill

James Henderson

Leah Henderson

Richard Hill

Wende Hitchcock

Paul Holbo

Diane Horgan

Jerry Horgan

Betty Hosokawa

Rudy Houghtaling

Sharon Houghtaling

Maxine Hudgins

Joseph Hudzikiewicz

Corinne Hunt

Joanne Hynes

Joseph Hynes

Arnold Ismach

Joe Jezukewicz

Ben Johnson

Kaye Johnston

Roy Johnston

Hazel Jones

Bong Kay

Connie Kay

Barbara Kellogg

Carolin Keutzer

Larry Kikuta

Seiko Kikuta

Robert Kline

David Kolb

Ralph Lafferty

Laurette Lau

Joyce Leader

Richard Leinaweaver

Annette Lim

Richard Lloyd

Morgan Loretta

Frederick Luebke

Norma Luebke

Donald Lytle

Mitzi Lytle

Leo Manus

Lerice Martin

Lois Martin

Joanne McAdam

A R McBirney

Pamela McClure-Johnston

Norene McEntire

Keith McGillivary

Trish McGillvary

Richard McGuinness

M. McIntyre

W. McIntyre

Jack Meacham

Mona Meeker

Kitty Meredith

Saundra Miles

Dixie Minkler

Loretta Morgan

Barbara Morseth

Janet Moursund

Richard Mulligan

John Munson

George Myers

Barbara Nagai

Gordon Nagai

David Newman

Anne Niemiec

Herb Nill

David O’Brien

Meribeth Olsen

Bjorn Olson

Shiela Pardee

Jim Paschall

Lee Paschall

Sheila Patterson

June Persson

Ella L Petersen

Nan Phifer

Marjory Ramey

Carolyn Rayborn

Harold Riley

Linda Rockey

Joe Rosa

Annette Rose

Mike Rose

Patricia Ross

Susan Rutherford

Luis Samano

Martha Sargent

Bill Sarnoff

Stephanie Sarnoff

Ruth Schassberger

Howard Schuman

Marvy Schuman

Karen Seidel

John Sihler

Catherine Siskron

Janet Skopil

Sally Smith

Richard Smyer

Bobbye Sorrels

Marian Spath

Ida Spaulding

Linn Spaulding

Gary Spizizen

Miriam Starlin

Cathie Staton

Ray Staton

Dan Stewart

Stephen Stone

Millard Thomas

Adele Tiberius

Beth Tucker

Henry Tucker

Grace Vickerstaff

Phyllis Villec

Louise Wade

Jim Waldon

James Waldron

Janice Ward

John Weatherly

Bobbi Webster

Don Webster

Barrie Wells

Gloria Wells

Lois Wells

Marilyn Wewerka

Linde Wickland

Doris Williams

Richard G. Williams

Dina Wills

Herbert Wisner

Susan Wyatt

Ruth Younger

Non-OLLI Donors

Cascade Manor

Charlotte Brill

Heather Fisher

Ruth Heller

Edward Jones

Anne Gabriel Paxton

Provo River Constructors

Richard Villec

Steven Webster

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