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Why Donate?

Your donation will help OLLI-UO reach the following goals:

  • Meet current expenses not covered by OLLI-UO membership fees
  • Increase OLLI-UO's educational programs
  • Provide membership assistance toward annual fees
  • Increase the OLL-UO endowment funds to improve our program's financial future
  • Assure adequate staffing, space, equipment, and publicity for programming
  • Increase OLLI-UO community presence

Give the Gift of Learning

There are ways you can creatively support your OLLI program:

  • Make an Annual Gift
  • Give a Memorial Gift to honor a family member or friend
  • Create an Endowed Gift in your name (or a loved one's name) that will last a lifetime
  • Involve your clubs and service organizations to assist the program
  • Consider an Estate Gift (a bequest, charitable trust, gift annuity, pension plan, IRA, or real estate)
  • Purchase a gift membership for someone special

How Do I Donate?

Download and complete our printable gift form or call the OLLI-UO office at 800-824-2714 to request a form.

Thank You to all OLLI-UO Donors

Annual giving contributions have helped create a fund to assist members in need in paying their fees, and helped our operating budgets while growing the OLLI-UO endowments for both program sites.

To ensure OLLI-UO’s continuing financial strength, please give today to help us reach our goals!

To make your tax-deductible contribution, visit the OLLI-UO office.