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Shared Interest Groups

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) are a great way for OLLI-UO members to continue lifelong learning beyond the classroom! These groups provide new opportunities to form friendships with other members around shared interests. They are independent and self-directed, with members deciding where and when to meet and how the group will function. SIGs are open to current OLLI-UO members only, i.e. those who hold a membership for the current year.

Have an idea for a SIG? See examples of past SIGs, review SIG guidelines, and propose a SIG here.

Dining With Friends




Dining With Friends combines the enjoyment of cooking and sharing of a social occasion with old and new friends. Dining With Friends meets once a month (alternating between Wednesdays and Sundays) and is not intended to be a gourmet group. To be added to the contact list, email facilitator Rosemarie Smith (see the OLLI-UO Member Directory in the Member Portal).


Rosemarie Smith

Dining Out With Friends




A sibling SIG to Dining With Friends, this group meets up in restaurants and venues in the Eugene-Springfield area. With a focus on socializing and food, what's not to like? All OLLI-UO members will be contacted to RSVP by email when opportunities to dine out together are planned.


Marcia Robeson

Central Oregon—Great Decisions


Central Oregon


The Great Decisions program is a national, grassroots foreign policy discussion program started by President Eisenhower for the general public to discuss foreign policy issues.  Hundreds of these groups across the country are participating in this activity each year.  Participants are not required to have a background in foreign policy, but curiosity and a willingness to read and engage with others.

Participants will purchase and read eight Foreign Policy Association's Great Decisions articles for 2024.  For 8 weeks, participants will gather at Judy Hurlburt's house over a light potluck meal to discuss the articles.  Group is limited to 12 including Judy, and a waiting list will be created as needed.

Facilitator/host Judy Hurlburt will decide with the group how to order briefing booklet which is $35.  Currently the briefly book is only available from the Foreign Policy Association and there is a cost break on shipping for ordering at least ten copies.

Thursdays, April 4-May 23, 5:30 p.m.


Judy Hulburt


Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Oregon

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